In this glossary, the most important market research terms from this database and the textbooks are simply explained

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Reporting software usually enables the weighting of survey data, various statistical analyses and presents the results graphically and on the basis of different target groups at the push of a button. The boundaries to dashboards are fluid.

A representative sample is considered to be a group of participants whose characteristics (such as demographics, attitudes, or behaviors) are distributed in a manner similar to the population to which the results are to be generalized. In this context, the population may include only a portion of the population. If a sample is representative of a country, it is called representative of the population.

Research Tech & IT Services
Research Tech & IT Services in The MR Directory includes software and services that enable and automate data collection, data analysis or data visualization. These range from questionnaire programming and survey software to software for monitoring social media content. Platforms that offer all three steps (collection, analysis and visualization) together are a special feature. Here, The MR Directory distinguishes between DIY platforms with or without a panel. Platforms without a panel are suitable if you have the contact addresses of the respondents yourself, i.e. in the case of customer or employee surveys, or if you can buy in the survey participants via an external online panel. DIY platforms with a connected panel are usually quite broad, so that surveys in pointed target groups with a sufficient number of cases are not possible.