In this glossary, the most important market research terms from this database and the textbooks are simply explained

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Likert scale

The Likert scale is one of the best-known scales in market research. It is often used to measure people’s attitudes and opinions. With the Likert scale, respondents indicate their agreement or disagreement with a statement on a multilevel scale. Typically, the Likert scale includes five or seven response options ranging from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.”

An example of using the Likert scale would be to measure customer satisfaction with a product or service. The Likert scale belongs to the category of ordinal scales. An ordinal scale is a type of measurement scale in which the values are arranged in a specific order, but there are no set distances or intervals between the values.

The values on a Likert scale can be coded numerically, but it is important to note that the distances between the values cannot be considered equal. Therefore, the Likert scale is considered an ordinal scale.